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This is the place you can find resources to download onto your electronic device or print at home. The activities are designed for a range of age groups from ‘early years’ through to ‘adult learners’. We will be regularly updating this page, allowing you to bring the Museum of Cardiff into your home.

PROTEST! Ideas worth fighting for

Activity Project (Ages 11 – 16)

This activity project is designed to be used alongside the short animated film ‘Protest! Ideas worth fighting for’. Created by students of Cardiff West Community High School, the film looks at their ‘ideas worth fighting for’.¬†What will you fight for?

Start by watching the short film and then download the presentation and the activity sheets which includes the teaching notes.

1. Watch Film2. Presentation3. Activity Sheets

Dinky Dragons School (Early Years 3+)

Here are some fun activity sheets for you to print at home. Each learning activity includes Museum of Cardiff characters for children to colour and is designed to support basic literacy and numeracy development.

Activity, Museum, Education

Download activities (PDF files)

Activity 1Activity 2Activity 3
Protest, Museum, Activity, Cardiff

History Detectives (Ages 5+)

These learning activities have been created for primary school aged children to explore different themes in Cardiff’s social history. Activities have been designed to support numeracy, oracy and critical thinking skills.

Educational, Museum, Activities

Download activities (PDF files)

Activity 1Activity 2Activity 3
Oral History, Museum, Cardiff

Oral History Guide (Ages 13+)

Are you interested in recording the memories of someone in your family or someone you are caring for? Follow this beginners guide to carrying out an oral history.

Download Guide

History Detectives (Age 5+)

What colours would you use? Design your own bunting!

Download activity

Dinky Dragons School (Early Years 3+)

Some musical themed drawings for you to download and print at home. Colour them in and share your colourful designs with us!

Colouring Activity, Museum of Cardiff, My Museum
Colouring activity, Museum of Cardiff, My Museum

Download activities (PDF files)

Activity 1Activity 2Activity 3Activity 4Activity 5
Photographs of musical instruments. Shofar, koto and thumb piano.

Cardiff’s Sound Activity

History Detectives (Ages 5+)

This activity looks at some of the musical instruments used by different communities in Cardiff. By exploring video clips and personal stories, you will discover the importance of music to people and their communities and asked to think about the sounds and instruments that are meaningful to you.

Cardiff’s Sound Activity
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