LGBTQ+ Timeline

About the project

The Museum of Cardiff has worked with historian Norena Shopland to develop a LGBTQ+ timeline for Cardiff.

Norena worked with Welsh Government to develop different timelines around all the counties in Wales. Norena compiled the baseline information for the Cardiff LGBTQ+ timeline and Museum of Cardiff and Amgueddfa Cymru added collections information in consultation with members of different LGBTQ+ organisations in Cardiff.

LGBTQ+ history, Museum of Cardiff

Sharing ideas

Museum of Cardiff held a discussion panel event, sharing LGBTQ+ stories and experiences from different points in Cardiff’s history.

Panellists included representatives from Glitter Cymru, Pride Cymru, The Queer Emporium, Cardiff Songbirds and G(end)er Swap. A question and answer session provided further opportunity to discuss what should be included in Cardiff’s LGBTQ+ timeline.

LGBTQ+ history, Museum of Cardiff

The timeline

Here is the LGBTQ+ timeline for Cardiff.

LGBTQ+ timeline (pdf)
LGBTQ+ history, Museum of Cardiff
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