Hiroko Sue tells us about the koto:

“The koto is a thirteen stringed instrument, which originated in China and came to Japan in the 7th century. It is made from paulownia wood. Some family plays generation to generation. [You would hear it at a] tea ceremony, Japanese restaurant, hotel, events, etcetera. [It is] traditional court music.”

She tells us why it’s important to her: “Because I have been playing for a long time, and the sound relaxed myself. I wanted to play something Japanese instrument. I started to learn the piano at the age of five, but four years later, inspired by an eldery musician, I turned to the koto. Koto has brought lots of my friends and opportunity All my life is based in koto. This is the tool to communicate people easily even if language is difficult I could pass my spirit to people.”

Musical instrument, Koto.

Hiroko Sue playing a koto.

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