Cardiff in Lockdown

Help us to capture a snapshot of life in Cardiff during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

We are collecting photographs to reflect how peoples’ lives have changed during this extraordinary time. 

It’s important that we keep a record of this period in history, so future generations can learn about the pandemic and its impact on our city and its people. 

We are looking for images that show how your life in Cardiff has changed; your new daily routines, new challenges, or the small things that you’ve come to appreciate.

Your photography pinboard

Rainbow signs dedicated to the NHS and key workers, during COVID-19 lockdown 2020.
Intricate hand drawn, white line art. Floral patterns, birds and gingerbread people. Words read, Kindness will keep us together.
Window decorated with rainbows and animals during lockdown 2020. Reads #GrangetownZoo
Child looking out of window, next to hand drawn rainbows.
Drawing of rainbow and zoo animals, displayed in window. Reads #GrangetownZoo
Child and father dressed as pirates at home during lockdown 2020.
Man receiving haircut at home during COVID-19 pandemic 2020.
Knitting materials in plastic 'Cadbury's Heroes' container.
Woman sewing with sewing machine during COVID-19 crisis.
sewing machine and fabrics.
Colourful clothes on washing line.
Child smiling and holding a flower.
Two children sitting on dorstep looking bored / unhappy.
Child sitting under a tree.
Gnarled tree in park.
Three pictures. A bird sitting by a river. A bicycle next to a tree. Someone in a dinosaur costume.
Hand painted pebbles in Danescourt Woods, Cardiff, featuring animals. Words read The animals of Danescourt Woods.
People walking in Cardiff park.
A child has his hair cut in the garden during lockdown 2020.
Two women social distancing in supermarket.
Handwritten poem left outside in park.
Cat sitting on a plastic chair next to table of food. Having a picnic in garden / yard.
Children climbing on a fallen tree in a park.
Empty road in Cardiff.
Statues in Cardiff Bay wearing surgical facemasks.
Traditional red telephone boxes being used as community libraries. Words read, Lockdown library, Please give and take as you please.
Exterior of steelworks in Splott, Cardiff.
An empty High Street and St. Johns Church in Cardiff, during lockdown 2020.
Cardiff Castle and Castle Street. Empty street and road.
Fish and chips takeaway box and bag from The Posh Fish and Chips Company. Hand written messages on the packaging reads - Danescourt Heroes. Laura and Rich for the animals of danescourt x. Diolch Thank You. George you're a hero.
Chalk message on pavement reads, Apart but never alone.
Four photos of a chils riding a bicycle around the empty streets of Cardiff during lockdown in 2020.
Two images of wall street art, both feature people's heads. A person with green eyes looking straight ahead and a person with ornate skeleton design face paint.
Two photos of street art on side of buildings. A painted rose on the wall of a house. An artwork on wall of house, of a man holding in his hand and looking at a tiny man.
Spray painted street art on a wall in Cardiff. Large bubble style letters read Stay Safe Brah!
Two photographs. Photo one - Western Avenue in Cardiff with no traffic. Photo two - The Hayes in Cardiff with no people.
Three photographs showing two children living in lockdown. Photo one, smiling children with a plate of food. Photo two, boy showing off a home haircut. Photo three, girl in garden making a structure for plants to grow on.
Two photographs. Photo one, shelves filled with plates of food. Photo two, embroidered pattern.
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