Programme, VE Day celebrations, Heath Park, 9 June 1945.

Card sent to relatives and friends of all members of 2nd T.A.F. (Tactical Air Force).

Fabric badge commemorating VJ Day.

Proclamation, announcing Irene Chedzoy the VJ Queen of Cathays Terrace on Peace Day, 8th June 1946.

Ring given to Irene Chedzoy on Peace Day. Irene’s initials are engraved on the front of the ring.  The inscription on the inside reads ‘V J Q 1946.

Message from the King, given to school children on Peace Day, 8th June 1946.

Bunting used at the VE and VJ celebrations at Heol-y-Pavin, Llandaff.

VE Day party, The Green, Llandaff, 8 May 1945.

VJ Day party, Heol-y-Pavin, Llandaff, 15 August 1945.

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