Sep 13

Erin’s Blog #5

Having last week’s realisation my time is soon ending here, I dove into my work this week to make the most of my remaining time here. To start off the week, I got into the museum early Monday morning to help out with a few projects. During Eisteddfod, some of the museum’s objects were on display that you might have recognised if you’ve been to the museum before. After the end of Eisteddfod these needed to be placed back in their homes, so I put on some gloves and helped Sam put these objects into their cases. Once that task was done we turned on our construction brains and began to put together the new Partition display for its opening on Tuesday. Following a morning at the museum, the afternoon was spent in the office writing up text for the upcoming self-led gallery trail.

The next morning was another early day at the museum and involved more math and construction skills. Alison and I mounted the audio for the Partition display in time for the opening of the museum so that all visitors could listen to stories. Before tackling the next project I did some work on finalising blog posts since I’ll sadly be gone by the time many of these are posted. My final project of the day was to print up and put together a binder of audio transcriptions for the Partition audio. This seems like an easy task, but Word was being especially difficult that day and it took about 3 times longer than it should have in the end.

Continuing the week’s busy schedule, Wednesday was another summer crafts day, this time with a superhero/comics theme. I got to break from business casual dress and wear my Incredibles shirt to work. In keeping with this theme, I made a Voyd mask (and a butterfly mask) and played some superhero soundtracks to add to the experience. The absolute best part of the entire day was coming back from lunch! I walked back into the crafts area and a little girl screamed ‘it’s Incredi-girl’ when she saw my shirt and asked me all about who my favourite character was, Elastigirl or Violet (answer: Elastigirl). That one moment made my day and I still am smiling about it.

Much like the first two days of the week, Thursday was another early day out, except this time I ventured with Jordan outside of the museum to the suburbs of Cardiff. This day we went to lead a session on the stories of Cardiff for some school children where they got to be history detectives. Education and outreach is one of the areas I was really interested in getting expertise in, so the day was a learning experience for both me and the kids. After getting back into the office, I spent the rest of the day creating an evaluation form for the final crafts session. My work week came to an end here since I got Friday off to be a Cardiff/London tour guide for two of my best friends visiting from home.

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