Erin’s Blog #2
Aug 23

Erin’s Blog #2

Week three has been another busy week full of research, meetings, crafts, and marketing here at the placement. I spent most of Monday researching objects from our handling boxes to make booklets that will help volunteers answer any questions visitors might throw at them. Of all the objects I researched, my favourite has to be the carbolic soap in the Victorian Housing box simply because it’s part of one of my favourite scenes in A Christmas Story.

Tuesday was packed and my schedule looked like this: meeting, Front of House work, walk to the office, two-three more meetings, and then more handling box work. A busy day, but a typical day here in the museum world.

When Wednesday finally came, I think I was as excited for pirate-themed crafts as the kids. We all had loads of fun making pirate hats (I took creative liberties on mine), hooks, plate faces, and parrots. After this first session I’m definitely excited to be here for rest of summer crafts.

After the craziness of Wednesday, much of Thursday was spent recovering from crafts and working on some social media marketing for future events. Trying to think of at least five ways to write the same tweet is hard! You don’t understand how long I stared at a blank Word document before my brain kicked in and got some pun-filled posts written up. By the time this is up some of those posts should be out already on social media.

Bringing the week to an end, I worked on cataloguing some objects within the museum’s collections. So much goes into properly recording objects that I spent the majority of the morning reading up on standards before actually getting to work. Week three came to an end after completing my stack of object records and having office chats about Mamma Mia!

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