Jul 16

Erin’s Blog #3

How is it already week 4?! It’s scary to think how fast time has been moving. The end of this week will be my halfway mark through the placement and it still feels like I just moved from Leicester a week ago. Similar to last week, I worked in a different area of the museum on diverse projects each day throughout this week.

One of my various projects here is to help build a themed trail for some upcoming fall events. Before you can even pick up a trail guide, tons of work goes into planning, researching, writing, editing, and designing over several weeks. Monday’s work was mainly walking the museum to find a nice path, identifying objects/people to include in the trail, and then doing lots of research to build up enough information about each potential stopping point.

Tuesday proved to be a bit of a calmer day. The team had a big meeting in the morning, so I worked on creating an evaluation form for an upcoming event and looking into how the museum can become more eco-friendly on crafts days. Once the big meeting was done I worked with Sam in collections to go over Friday’s object records and ask any questions since I have an internship (yay!) in collections when I get back to America. During all of this, I also got to handle, move, and photograph a couple objects to complete object records.

Wednesday was another fun crafts day, this time with dragons, flowers, and love spoons. Being a huge Game of Thrones fan I just had to make one of the dragons from the show. After a morning of crafts, I then worked in the main gallery to photograph the handling box objects and work more on the trail project.

Like the previous Thursday, I spent my day with marketing doing blog work, learning about the museum’s website, and doing some research about a marketing opportunity. Since the museum has a new site, Steven showed me the ins and outs of posting and editing the different webpages. Also, after minor delays, the blog covering weeks 1-2 was finally posted!

The week came to an end with my usual “Front of House Fridays.” For all of my Front of House days, I spend my mornings at the museum with the volunteer team and my afternoons in the office working on whatever the team needs me to do, which happened to be continuing on with the handling box work. Since most of the research and writing was done, all that was left to do was to track down a few remaining objects for photographs. After working on the handling boxes for several weeks, it was nice to end a busy week with (almost) finishing a large project before heading home and relaxing.

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